While planning a trip to visit a friend in Copenhagen, I remembered that the island of Sylt was "somewhere" up there, too - and that there were Dornier-228 flights going there. Realizing that I could get by train from Sylt to Copenhagen (a lengthy journey, but possible), I constructed the trip as follows: LSZH-EDDT-EDXW - Train to CPH - EKCH-EDDL-LSZH.

Early in the morning I try to fight my way against the current of arriving longhaul passengers to the departure gate of my Air Berlin flight to the german capital. After a quick taxi to Rwy 28, the newly painted B737 takes off into partly cloudy skies, offering me a last view of my hometown.    

After an uneventful flight we're approaching Berlin-Tegel   

After a short spotting intermezzo on Tegel's observation deck, I was about to embark on one of my first puddlejumper adventures in Europe! 

The bus aimed for some forgotten corner of the apron, and just when I started fearing that it would be taking us straight to Sylt on the road, we finally approached the typical shoebox-shaped plane - the Dornier 228.    

It didn't take long for the few passengers to get seated, and soon we were all set and ready for taxi. With a speed just short of Vr we dashed (or dorniered) over the whole apron to the holding point of Rwy 26L. Meeting the big birds!

Just a little more power than during the taxiing, and we were in the air    

*Rummms* - with a hard bang the gear was retracted while we passed the terminal   


The low cruising altitude meant that we were between two layers of clouds for most of the time, inhibiting the taking of any good shots. Finally, over Hamburg, the upper cloud level cleared away and the shooting could begin! 

Nice views!   

We're right over Hamburg here, while point LAMAS we're heading to lies just short of Sylt

Other side's view :)   

Cabin shot - including a child playing in the very limited space the narrow isle offers!   

Way too soon we're on finals for Rwy 32 of Sylt's airport   

The first glimpse of the island once we'd descended out of the clouds

Landed, welcome to Sylt! (not that I'd heard anything of the pilots' announcement, the engines were way too loud...they could've been throwing insults at photographers or plane geeks and I wouldn't have heard a thing!) 

Parked in front of the tiny terminal, I took the time for a quick cockpit shot - interesting!   

Close-up of the pedestal, which doesn't look that new anymore...no wonder, the plane's one year older than me!    

Another cabin shot of the shoebox :)   

Welcome to Westerland Airport!


After watching mine and the Dusseldorf plane take off again (thereby seeing two thirds of the day's movements), I headed into town for a walk on the beach. Shame about the dull weather!

No comment

Unfortunately, a thick sea fog started creeping in, and took away the views and the last bit of warmth, too (that I just couldn't resist the temptation to bathe my feet in the North Sea didn't help either). Time to hide in one of the typical beach chairs!

Because of the weather, I was quite happy when the time came to leave Sylt. The NOB (Nordostseebahn) took me back to the town of Niebüll on the mainland, where a local train would take me over the border to Tønder in Denmark

In Tønder I took some time to have a brief walk around the pretty downtown area

The city patron, or whoever he is :) 

The Torget, the main road (with not a soul in sight, at 6PM!)   

Next train ride: This thing here took me to yet another city, where I finally changed onto an intercity train for the last three hours to Copenhagen. What a trip!

Some impressions from Copenhagen from next day's sightseeing

Longing for a café break, the famous mermaid

Just when I was about done with my walking tour, the clouds cleared and gave way to the sun - which meant that I had to retrace my steps and take the same shots again in sunshine!


Spring's approaching!

Frederiks Church   

Colourful and pretty Nyhavn - now that the sun was out, thousends of locals flocked into the outdoor restaurants   

Archbishop Absalon's statue

350° panoramic view from the Rundetarn tower in the old town   

Christiansborg Slots, today the seat of the parliament   

The stock exchange, with the seat of parliament yet again   

Nyhavn - brimming with action on Saturday night!

The opera, opened in 2005   

The rest of the time was spent at Copenhagen's Kastrup airport - with many things to see, too!   


Just when the time had come to return home after three days, the sun came out - well, at least it gave some colour to the pale and old LTU paint of my Air Berlin Airbus!

In good company awaiting our departure   

Off we go, heading south!   

Already on the righthand downwind for Rwy 05R at Dusseldorf, allowing for a great airport overview!   

Welcome to Düsseldorf International!

More hours of spotting followed here...

...before I boarded the final flight of the trip late at night.

Bye bye!

Two tracks, that's all I need - how beautiful travelling is!    

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