After more than three years without even a minute sitting in a general aviation aircraft, finally the time had come again. And this was today's means of transport...

...uhm, nope, not really. That one's just delivering fresh air and power. Mounted on it is this one here, a Reims/Cessna 172 built in 1972.

Short look at the routing: Departing from Berne, it led via Thun, Spiez, Kandersteg, Gemmipass, Leukerbad, Sion, Sanetschpass, Gstaad to Saanen airfield (168km). The way back was a bit more straightforward, via Gruyères, Schwarzsee and Thun back to Berne (100km).


After two hours by public transport, I had finally reached our captial's airport, Bern-Belpmoos

My friend was already waiting for me, and after completing some last calculations, we were all set for the flight. Taking off from Rwy 32, we passed the cute little terminal

Performing a left turn we joined the left-hand upwind heading south now, and left the field via the direction of Thun

Here we are, overhead the city of Thun: Looking down at its station and skyline

Guess we need to rename it to Canthun now, thanks to the Caribbean-like waters!

Meanwhile my friend is busy trying to make the C172 climb...

Catching a glimpse in the direction of Interlaken, while we're turning into the Kander valley.

*Some* distinctive chunk of stone

Lovely lake Oeschinensee

The village of Kandersteg

Bietschorn, 3'904 meters high

Another gorgeous mountain lake

My friend's still fighting for every foot of altitude...*g*

Finally we're high enough to use this pass and get over into the Valais region


After that short stint, we're already navigating back north headed for the Berne region again, overflying this nice rock formation

Finally today's destination comes into view, Saanen airfield, at the bottom of a small valley

So the time has come to lose all that accumulated altitude again and get ready for the approach

Turning around in the valley

Waiting for another plane to land, we enjoy a wonderful view of the resort town of Gstaad and its famous Palace Hotel

On finals for Rwy 26

A brief view of the village of Saanen

I fell in love with that airfield right away. Small, cute, laid-back, idyllic - perfect! Apron view from the small terminal building


Yeah, we made it! :)


Getting the Cessna ready for the return flight


Tension rose on the small airfield, an elegant Bentley pulled up, followed minutes later by the Bentley of the Air, the Pilatus PC-12. Someone arriving for their summer holidays in Gstaad probably...

Airborne again...

...and looking back at the charming airfield

Some mountains in the Fribourg area

Back in the approach area of Berne, we pass the towns of Oppligen...

...and Münsingen...

...before we end up on finals for Rwy 32 again


After a soft touchdown and a brief taxi back to the hangar this nice little trip was over way too soon. Thanks for reading!

To wrap it up, Lake Thun again from another angle - bye bye!


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